KATIE SAYS GOODBYE premieres at TIFF 2016

'Katie Says Goodbye': Film Review | TIFF 2016

Wayne Roberts’ powerfully low-key drama gets under the skin. 

Olivia Cooke, Christopher Abbott and Mary Steenburgen play desert dwellers in a debut feature premiering in Toronto’s Discovery section.

Told with a spareness that suits its desert setting, Katie Says Goodbye is a plaintive story of hard luck and fringe dwellers, one that might have felt clichéd in lesser hands. But first-time filmmaker Wayne Roberts conjures new, resonant chords in his taut, tender drama about a young truck-stop waitress who dreams of life beyond her edge-of-the-map town. With its superb cast’s finely etched characters, led by Olivia Cooke’s memorable work in the title role and featuring a heart-stoppingly lovely supporting turn by Mary Steenburgen, the quietly assured debut would be a worthy addition to any art-house schedule.

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